Testimonials for “Marketing Momentum”

The two workshops that I’ve taken with you have been great. I’ve gone from thinking how about cool it would to be to have a photography business to actually starting that business. I now have a website, fan page, twitter account and logo! And I’m getting ready to order my business cards and stationary! All well beyond my expectations…This year has been so exciting—I’ve felt like I’ve had my finger in an electric socket. Thanks for being an open, generous, and ebullient guide on this amazing journey. 

I have adored your class!!! There are so many ideas and tips that you have given that have launched new, forgive me, “momentum” to my business! I am so thankful for you being willing to share your knowledge and inspire me to become the best photographer I can possibly be.

I’ve always loved taking pictures, but after taking your DSLR class, using my Nikon on manual mode has become a new passion. Thank you so much for sharing your love and knowledge of photography with us. After two hours, I had the basics down and was eager to get out there and shoot more. You were more than willing to share your tips and tricks with us, all of which have been extremely helpful. Thanks again for welcoming us into your adorable studio and teaching us how to capture better images!