Testimonials for “Mission Possible”

“Jen was so forthcoming with any and all information regarding the freelance career and lifestyle. She outlines how to pitch editors with your ideas, review contracts, and decipher if you have a strong story angle—delivering everything with enthusiasm and a passion for what she does.”

“Jen was fabulous—so personable and knowledgeable, with great energy. She is so positive and willing to share everything she knows. And I love how accessible she is, allowing the class to email her. Wonderful!”

I started Mission Possible with zero confidence and very limited understanding of what it would take to become a freelance writer. Through the course, I gathered a list of great resources and learned so many valuable things about the freelance market. By the end of the six-week class, I felt equipped to write and sell.”

I am thrilled to have attended Jen Jones’ course. The content that most impressed me was the analysis and group discussion of sample pitch letters. It was interesting to constructively criticize pitches, then learn which ones actually resulted in assignments. I also got tremendous value from Jen’s E-I-E-I-O tool for evaluating article concepts. As someone who has had freelance success, I still happily discovered new techniques to add to my arsenal.”

“Jen is an enthusiastic and dynamic speaker who uses multimedia to illustrate key writing concepts. She is able to skillfully guide a group of diverse writers with varying levels of experience and knowledge through the different stages of composing and pitching a magazine story.”

“Jen’s enthusiasm for her subject is not only contagious, but truly infectious! Her success is a testament to her knowledge of the industry, as well as her passion for writing.”

“Mission Possible was a wonderful course to get started in the business of freelance writing. Jen teaches the class with a wealth of knowledge on the subject and I feel lucky that she was so willing to share her skills. She has great energy and enthusiasm—I actually looked forward to attending each class!”