I Left My Heart at Silent Frisco

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I Left My Heart at Silent Frisco

As part of my work with Thrillist.com, it’s part of my job to sniff out cool things happening around LA and share them in the Weekend Playbook. This week, my curiosity was piqued by Silent Frisco, a headphone-driven dance party where dueling DJs allow you to create your own listening experience (or, as they call it, a “silent disco!”). Pretty cool, right?

So when I heard they were having an “80s vs. 90s” night, it was pencilled into my calendar in indelible ink. (I’m a giant music nerd when it comes to those two decades.) I managed to coerce my husband into joining me, and suffice it to say, we were so glad we checked it out.

Here’s the scene: we walked in and were immediately handed a set of high-tech headphones. A press of the button could change the “channels” between the two DJs, and they would flash blue or green depending on whether you were listening to 80s or 90s. Inside the lounge, there was no music playing over the loudspeakers, but people were rocking out to what was being piped through their headphones.

We had a blast dancing and geeking out to old Prince, Madonna, TLC, Backstreet Boys, and a host of other artists you might’ve found on “TRL” back in the day. But what stood out most to me was how the experience was completely customizable—you could switch channels as often as you liked, and it created a shared experience with the others who were listening to that channel. It was pretty funny to hear people belting out the songs without the musical accompaniment…hopefully I didn’t hurt anyone’s ears as I sang along to “I Want It That Way.”

It’s a simple concept—just add headphones for an instant dance party. But I really loved the connection it created. Rather than being in a loud club, it felt more personal and intimate, like everyone was sharing a secret. It brings me back to the thought that the best ideas are simple yet powerful. Silent Frisco, I salute you!

Midsummer Night Swing: Silent Disco with DJ Jonathan Toubin from Lincoln Center on Vimeo.

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